Artificial Intelligence Powered Drip Irrigation System

New generation of Irrigation system to built better world

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Drip Irrigation with AI

Just usage of Drip irrigation System may be effective however we are offering more better system which is powered also Artificial intelligence which can take control all system 7/24

Save more water

Our system may save water up to 35~60 percentege it means you can double your crop fields or use same with 2x less water usage.

Cut your spendings

Drip AI offers you cut your spendings on labour, fertilizers and increase your crop more than ever.

inLab - Innovative Lab

We are working on make world better and safer than ever.

New generation of CONTROL

New generation of AI Drip irrigation system which make maximum comfortably and automation for control over any kind of crop fields or zen gardens. It is so simple to access your software within moments to handle manual control (with authentication). Friendly user interface, integration of mobile devices, tablets and web application with many usefull tools makes your business better than ever.

Data is key role!

Statistics automatically will be log in powerful databese which only owners can access! We used powerful enscrypting methods to keep your informations secure and as fast as to use them by owner in needed moment. Additionally to this you can intigrate your statistics to other third party companies or goverment organizations for better control. Even you can see all information about farming crop field such as weather, local sensors and maps so on...

Quick Settings

Easy integration and better farming needs many features to make configure your farm or garden. We always make update and develop our product with rich configuration tools according to research and real time testing!

DripAI Main Station

Project Info

Everything starts with high efficient hardware main station that makes your crop field controllable with AI. We worked over the original platform which must automate all irrigation process even you don't have software yet

    Main station includes
  • Automatic collect data with light, humidity and tempreture sensors
  • Accurate control water pump
  • Additionally, according to your demand we can add other sensors such as toxic and dust sensors etc.

Desktop Software Beta Version

Project Info

Desktop software includes AI for improving automatic control! Security is our main aim that's why we provide Secure authentication to system and enscryptef data exchange which will guarantee your data! Software by default controled with AI if you want Manual control it gives all information about your crop field and options.

  • Light software compatible with Windows OS
  • New patches and updates will be provided.
  • User friendly interface and secure system

Mobile application

Project Info

Mobile application is makes your irrigation of crop field much easier than ever!It is user friendly, simple and enriched so many powerful tools.Control page.Gives all information and works integrated with desktop software!

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Meet the Team

Our main aim is better,safer and green world.


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